Harvest Kids


Every weekend we welcome our elementary kids into a theme based, colorful environment where they play games, learn memory verses, engage in worship, pray, and learn a Bible story. We also practice and perform in the Christmas program and on our puppet team. Ask your child what they’ve learned this weekend.

Your children will want to join us on Easter for our annual Easter Egg hunt.

And don’t forget the fun of the Fall Festival carnival.

And what would Christmas be without our annual Christmas program when our children retell the story of Mary and Joseph and the birth of our Savior Jesus.

Pastor Dave is always making us laugh!

Kids Camp Is Always a Blast!

Digging for Gold.

Shooting arrows!

Hitting targets!

Water breaks are a must.

Sword Fights!

Piggy back rides!

Brotherly bonding!

Zip Line!!!

Fun, Fun, Fun.

Lots of good food.

Tire swings are the best!!!

Lots of games...

Bouncy House Slide.

A smile that lights up the world!

Got to have pool time fun!

Priceless moments that extend into eternity.

Jesus loves the little children.

So in love with Abba.

He surround's us with His love.